Demokracja wobec zysku. Zysk jako możliwe zagrożenie demokracji

Joanna Mysona Byrska


Profit is contemporarily one of the most prominent motives of human activity. This proved to be a threat to democracy, as the values necessary for proper working of democratic, socio-political order are thus being undermined. Profit becomes then an aim, not a means for a good life. Martha C. Nussbaum assumes that profit conceived as an objective (dominating in education too) is responsible for the crisis of democracy perceptible nowadays. In effect, no factors are fashioned able to sustain democracy; the fact described previously (before Nussbaum) by Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde in his famous paradox. It seems, however, that it is not profit as such but rather human preferences that endanger democracy conceived as a mode of socio-political order of life.

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