O kilku intertekstualnych wierszach księdza Franciszka Kameckiego

Anna Wzorek


The literary sketch discusses few intertextual lyricists of Franciszek Kamecki, or dialogues with earlier literary works. In the article discussed poems: Antoine de Saint- Exupery, Monolog Franciszka Villona [Francis Villon’s Monologue], Hamlet recytuje [Hamlet recites], Monolog Ofelii [The Ophelian Monologue]. The first is a reminder of Mały Książę [The Little Prince]; the lyricist regrets that there are not any ideals of Exupery’s hero in modern world. Monolog Franciszka Villona [Francis Villon’s Monologue] is a very good reference to the Wielki Testament [Great Testament]. Kamecki in the new configuration presented the themes that had been presented by Villon once. The last two of the texts can be called Shakespearean, with themes from Hamlet. In the lyric Hamlet recytuje [Hamlet recites] Kamecki paraphrases the famous sentences of Danish prince: “The rest is silence” and “Denmark is a prison,” in the poem Monolog Ofelii [The Ophelian Monologue] draws a psychological portrait of the Shakespearean heroine. These poems are close to lyricists of Franciszek Kamecki dialogues with art, philosophy and mystics of Catholic church.

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