Śmierć i poezja w świecie pokemonów. O najnowszym tomie poetyckim Stanisława Czerniaka Iskra buntu

Krzysztof Derdowski


The author analyzes the latest poetic book by Stanisław Czerniak Iskra Buntu (Spark of Mutiny). He points out how important, albeit commonly poorly known, Czerniak’s poetry is. He claims that Czerniak’s poetry “stems directly from nothingness”.

The main topics of the aforementioned book are passing away and death. Some of the poems are deeply ironical. Thus the poet makes a carnival out of despair, being able to speak witty about the grimmest.

Important element of Czerniak’s poetry world is nothingness bearing upon death too. The reality made up by Czerniak is a self-active nightmare. It resembles an absurd computer game, according to rules of which all have to become monsters and die subsequently. It are our cities are a prelude to extinction – the abodes of more and more absurd entertainment. The poems emerging out of despair and nothingness carry a painful diagnosis and statement.

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