Kiedyś geometra K., dzisiaj poeta G.

Krzysztof Szymoniak


Thirty years ago I wrote a big documentary feature about the culture and the artistic life of Września. This text was published on the pages of the Poznań social and cultural monthly ”NURT” in the year 1986 (“Września i duch Konopnickiej” / “Września and the Spirit of Maria Konopnicka”). One of the heroes of this feature was a Land Surveyor K. – a poet, whose poems and nationwide literary activity at that time were almost unknown in our town. Then, I also quoted his words: “One day I will give this land my body and my poor bones, and I will repay the debt incurred...” Presently, Krzysztof Grzechowiak, the man in question, recollecting his own youth, he says that to him the bitter fact of going by has ceased to be only an abstract figure of speech.

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