Teraz, czyli kropla czystego światła. Linoryt Jacka Solińskiego „Być teraz” – punkt widzenia twórcy i dramat egzystowania

Marek Kazimierz Siwiec


In the essay, the reflection on the graphic art by Jacek Soliński is undertaken, chiefly on the linoleum print “To be now.” First of all, it is pointed out that the graphic art by Jacek Soliński bears a character of symbolic images picturing existentially the human destiny. In the reflection on the linoleum print “To be now,” the author tries to show the point of view of the creator and the drama of existence. The author of the paper makes out in the aforementioned linoleum print three such like symbolic images (or existential pictures) and tries to determine their signification. These are: the cobweb, parachute and perspective.

In the first picture (or figure), on the linoleum print, a man is set against a cobweb, which, according to the author of the article, depicts the situation of somebody cornered by the approaching danger. The man is, as it were, expecting a “spider” about to appear. Accordingly, the drama of suffering and death is likely to unfold outside the scene depicted in the linoleum print.

In the second picture (or figure), that of a parachute, which seems to sprawl before the eyes of a spectator, the phenomenon of the activity saturated with light and air is made out.

The third picture (or figure), that of perspective, evokes, accordingly, an association with another aspect of the human destiny (or an author’s destiny), being not just a formal artistic requirement of the graphic space.

The author states that these three symbolic figures on the linoleum print by Jacek Soliński interweave dynamically and stir specifically the space presenting “being now.” The latter is saturated with depth which constitutes the uniqueness of the abiding moment of the creative existence. The mutual interaction of these figures depicts the tension and the opposites that permeate and enhance the creative existence. The parachute vanquishes the cobweb, which (to use the phrase of Augustine) is “spun off.” The perspective, on the other hand, that seems to fill and lift the parachute (nay, to lift a spectator) is being problematic too. The richness of the symbolism and its specific existence in the form of art accounts for the high artistic value of the graphic art by Jacek Soliński.

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