Redukcyjny obraz chrześcijaństwa i jego konsekwencje. Polemika z tekstem Kryzys chrześcijaństwa z perspektywy filozofii religii Ireneusza Ziemińskiego

Paweł Pijas


My text is intended to be a critique of Professor Ireneusz Ziemiński’s Crisis of Christianity from Philosophy of Religion’s Perspective. In my opinion, we can indicate many reasons weakening/undermining Professor Ziemiński’s theses and arguments, which leads to a conclusion that his title thesis is not acceptable. My critique consists of two parts. The first is concerned with the idea of the philosophy of religion that is presupposed by Professor Ziemiński; the idea that seems to exclude reliable description and analysis of religious phenomena. In the second part, I try to show flaws of Professor Ziemiński’s reasonings and I claim that his arguments are either (a) based on dubious premises; or (b) contain non sequitur fallacy; or (c) are based on a malevolent interpretation of Christianity. The critique of Professor Ziemiński’s text leads to the conclusion that he accepts unacceptable, reductionist vision of Christianity.

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