Nieprawowitość państwa jako „zgoda” na interwencję?

Magdalena M. Baran


Politics and war are in constant tension. A realm happens to be dominated by the former or by the latter, but sometimes – especially when we think of a country – it is quite diffcult to say which. The question is, however, whether the modern state – like a war – is justifed in judging anything as fair or unfair, legitimate or illegitimate. What could become the criterion for this assessment? Do human rights so? Respecting diversity and yielding to the needs of specifc social groups? Listening to the voice of citizens in a state, or to the citizens able to listen to each other? Probably, so. One can also consider whether a country is just meeting the fve conditions which Paul Vladimiri used in judging the war. As fair, legal or legitimate should be regarded either a person (persona), or on object (res), or the cause (causa), or spirit (anima), or an authority (auctoritas). All of them exist at the crossroads of relations between, respectively, the state and citizens, the state and the system. Both explaining these terms and referring them to the question at hand (that of justice) are necessary to ask about the possibility of an outside intervention, also.

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