Indywidualizm epistemiczny, rola świadectwa, pojęcia wiedzy i uzasadnienia w szkole lwowsko-warszawskiej na przykładzie poglądów Tadeusza Czeżowskiego

Elżbieta Łukasiewicz


The aim of the paper is to present and critically evaluate certain views concerning the notions of knowledge and belief which were typical of some representatives of the Lvov-Warsaw School. These views are discussed in the context of modern epistemological concepts such as epistemological individualism and internalism, reductionism and anti-reductionism, methodism as opposed to particularism, and justifcation of belief. Also, some references will be made to the views on knowledge and belief held by Thomas Aquinas and the thinkers from the Port Royal School, Antoine Arnauld and Pierre Nicole. Throughout the paper we will refer to the epistemological doctrines of René Descartes, John Locke, David Hume, and Thomas Reid, which will provide the major background for the discussion.

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