Człowiek techniczny, „człowiek rozszerzony”, „człowiek z 3D”. Próba definicji

Tadeusz Miczka


The subject of the following deliberations is the state of the anthropological uncertainty experienced by a participant of a technopoly, interchangeably referred to as a mechanized human or a humanized machine. Following the thought of J. Baudrillard that a modern man invented a specific art of vanishing, or entering into very deep relationships with technology, the author of the article tries to answer the questions: what in such situations does it mean to be a human and what is the nature and extent of the transgression of humanity? Against the backdrop of theoretical perspectives on transhumanism and extropianism and everyday technology, the following work attempts to redefine the notion of a technical man, then a biological organism with technical elements, i.e. an “extended man,” and finally the concept of Android simulating human ways of thinking and actions. The author states that the physical and psychological state of a human being can be effectively altered due to technology. However, staying in opposition to the idea of exchanging or replacing in terms of human relationships with technology, the author opts for a modest enhancement of a human being using technology that, unlike a radical enhancement aiming to create the so-called post-man or superman, in his opinion is and may be morally justified in the future.

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