Człowiek i jego maszyny. Operatorzy i protezy

Piotr Łaszczyca


Two millions years ago human evolution started from … perhaps … the use of two stones for nut cracking. Last 30 thousand years resulted in production of advanced mechanical and electronic tools. The use of them became very complicated and thus engineering and ergonomics have emerged as disciplines, aimed to solve arrays of interaction problems between machines and human operators. However, recent progress in computers, informatics tools and electronic media provoked a range of new social and psychologic challenges, called sometimes as “digital dementia.” They involve deep changes in human motivations, revolutionary changes in the employment, educational challenges, work with robots, self-driving vehicles and drones, and, last but not least, electronic invigilation of citizens and the use of autonomous weapon. Even a preliminary sketch of all these relationships requires reinvestigation of huge amount of data.

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