Maszyny memowe i „słomiane psy”. Przybliżenia posthumanistyczne

Dobrosława Wężowicz-Ziółkowska


In the posthumanist thought new visions of men attract great attention, especially when originating in life and Earth sciences. The author of the article introduces the reader to this bio-perspective (close in particular to ecological humanities), and presents memetical theory of culture and humanity as ‘The Meme Machines,’ linking it with the ecophilosophy of John Gray, according to whom human beings bear all the marks of ‘Straw Dogs,’ destined for extinction. As the argument for this stance on Gray’s theory, the author uses findings of the Anthropocene Working Group which, taking into account the disastrous effects of Homo sapiens s. on our planet, have been advocating since 2016 to introduce a new epoch in the history of the Earth – the Anthropocene.

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