W poszukiwaniu twórczego źródła III – wokół punktu widzenia twórcy

Marek Kazimierz Siwiec


In the introduction, the author informs the readers that the present volume of „Filo-Sofija” is a consecutive stage of the project realized on the pages of the Journal in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Roland Sobota. The author reminds that the project originated from a philosophical enterprise which both addressed the etymology of PHILOSOPHY (mirrored in the title of „Filo-Sofija”) and focused on the coign of vantage of the creator. The latter is described as concerning the source, transcending and settling some outlooks for the meta-reflection on it, at the same time. The author underscores the interdisciplinary character of this point of view. A special characterization of the coign of vantage of the creator with respect to the problem of the creator and creation as well as the pathway of the creator is undertaken by M. K. Siwiec in the essay On the Creator’s Pathway. Towards the Metaphysics of the Source. In the paper, the ideas of the pathway of the creator espoused by Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche are touched upon. According to the author, the problem of the coign of vantage of the creator has permeated the entire history of philosophy and esthetics since antiquity, through the post-medieval period and until modernity. To the author’s mind, the pivotal role in philosophy and esthetics is played by Heraclitus’s thought as well as Socrates’ last reflections presented in Plato’s Crito and Phaedo. As M.K. Siwiec has it, the post-medieval transformations of how the coign of vantage of the creator was understood were strongly influenced by Pascal’s philosophy, by which the dynamic understanding the inner life of the subject was introduced and contradictions connected therewith shown. In the genealogical considerations on the coign of vantage of the creator, the author points out many post-medieval and modern philosophers; inter alia: Hegel, Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, Camus, Jaspers. A special role in determining the coign of vantage of the creator is played by the problem of tragedy and tragicness. M.K. Siwiec addresses the concept of the implicite esthetics presented by Władysław Tatarkiewicz also; the one which draws from the experience of the creator. The implicite esthetics appears to chime in with Nietzsche’s statement that “no artist has yet existed in philosophy”. The author states that the considerations on the coign of vantage of the creator paved their way laboriously throughout the history of philosophical and esthetical thought advancing towards the most appreciated in them. In the presented volume, M. K. Siwiec shows the importance of the works of Krzysztof Derdowski (1957–2017), the poet, prose writer, playwright, essayist, literary critic; an author of many papers brought out in „Filo-Sofija” in the section “Filo-Sofija and Poetry” as well as in numerous editions of the project. Three essays are dedicated to his works written by: Ireneusz Ziemiński, Grzegorz J. Grzmot-Bilski and Marek Kazimierz Siwiec.

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