Inny – Drugi – Ty – Ja

Stanisław Buda


This article addresses some of the key questions about personal identity. One of them is the possibility of its changes and their possible scope. The author assumes that the person constitutes his dynamic identity. It is not only the identity of the process of continual rebuilding of one’s own subjectivity, but also the identity of the process of its own modification. In this sense, it means not only the modified subjectivity, and not only the modifying individualized regulatory idea of these changes, but above all the general, unchanging, axiological intent that governs these modifications. The last, lasting core of the identity of the person decides that by modifying his identity, he is able to break the limits of his unity. Recognizing that the identity of the person is shaped in its relation to another person, the author does not share the conviction of the original passivity of the subject. The basic assumption of further analysis is summarized as follows: I am as much as myself, as long as I treat my own Innocence as a duty towards a particular Other. The author analyzes the relationships that take place between oneself as another, whichever Other and particular Other.

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