Przeobrażenia wiersza Chłopcy Mieczysława Jastruna. W kręgu refleksji o procesie twórczym

Robert Mielhorski


The paper is dedicated to Mieczysław Jastrun’s (1903–1983) sentiments regarding the creative process on the basis of his essay utterances and the consecutive redactions of one and the same poem, entitled originally Lato dzieciństwa (The Summer of Childhood) and eventually Boys. These redactions appeared between 1930 and 1956. Jastrun’s idea of the theory of the creative process is compared with his contemporary concepts, described by Maria Gołaszewska (in terms of interiorization and exteriorization) and by Edward Nęcka too, and interpreted accordingly. The paper shows to which extent: the poet is attached to the philosophy of creation (carried out by a unique individual, a medium) rooted in the tradition; and the realization of the later assumptions to be found in his work.

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