Przeciw falom. Ku alternatywie dla standardowej mechaniki kwantowej

Andrzej Chmielecki


In my opinion the existing formalism of quantum mechanics needs thorough refreshing, mostly because it is focused mainly on predictions, instead of explanations and understanding. I see in it a physical analogue of behaviorism, restricting its goals to what is observable and treating its basic objects (i.e. electrons and photons) as black boxes – or even as sizeless points – devoid of any internal structure. Consequently, I think such superficial theory should be counterbalanced by a version of a deeper, “cognitive” physics. In my paper I outline such a version, based on some reasonable metaphysical assumptions concerning the ultimate stuff all physical entities are made of. (In a word, my candidate for the stuff is energy – in substantive and not attributive sense, the one which figures in famous E = hν.) The main idea is then to give up purported abstract undulations (of nobody knows what) and replace them with real rapid vibrations of the stuff. Another novelty consists in giving up the idea of superposition of quantum states – the cornerstone of existing quantum mechanics – in favor of superposition of quantum processes. Following these modifications I then I sketch my own account of such specific quantal issues as two slits experiment, entanglement and Dirac equation.

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