„Umrzeć dokładnie” – autentyzm i wiara w Wierszach dośmiertnych Zofii Zarębianki

Małgorzata Grajewska


The Book by Zofia Zarębianka Antehumous Poems is a collection of poems within the tradition of the funeral poetry. The narrative subject happens to be arrested by the illness at the border of two worlds: the mundane of suffering, death, people and the material in it, and the divine of paradise and hope for eternal life, and carries out existential considerations seeking for an answer to the question regarding sense of life, suffering and death. The attitude of anxiety, resignation and despondency becomes (paradoxically) that of the one approaching God. Hope and strength are made out just in Him. The narrative subject of Antehumous Poems is both inquisitive and authentic. The last part of the book consists of threnody, which expresses regret and yearning for relatives who passed away to eternity. It addresses the problem of the mystery of dying too.

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