Kazimierz Drejas. Między intelektem a zmysłami

Hanna Strychalska


The paper Kazimierz Drejas. Between the Intellect and Senses is dedicated to one of the most original Polish modern painters. The artist is connected with Bydgoszcz and has actively participated in plein-air painting and exhibitions of Bydgoszcz’s art circle for many years, the one considered for many years as one of the most interesting. The artist’s reputation in Poland is founded on many individual presentations too and the regular and highly-awarded participation in all-Polish and international competitions and exhibitions both home and abroad. Some 300 works of the artist are in the possession of art galleries, museums and private collections in Poland and abroad. The artist’s 50-years-output, both rich and variegated co-creates Poland’s history of art just now. He himself, however, remains modest. Albeit interested in the world, people and the art, understood as broadly as to encompass music and poetry too, he is uninterruptedly focused on his own work. Painting is still for him as important and inspiring as if he just commenced his artistic pathway, which is extraordinary indeed. Paintings by Kazimierz Drejas address both the tradition of the genre and the avant- garde of the turn of the 20 th century, which changed peremptorily the image of art. The heroes of his characteristic paintings are women, whose world fascinates the painter. Still, it is not just about it, for the images integrate psychology, the indetermination of time and space and the masterful analysis of human body. Female act, formed in the atmosphere of modernism, turns the attention of the spectator towards the meaning of the form in the painting and emanates refined sensuality.

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