Modele sfery publicznej w świetle współczesnych problemów społecznych

Marek Sikora


Models of the Public Sphere in the Light of Contemporary Societal Problems


The public sphere issue is a key component of politics in contemporary democracies, especially in areas related to the problem of social justice. The article attempts to reconstruct five models of the public sphere: two models authored by Jurgen Habermas, John Rawls’s model of public reason, Bruce Ackerman’s model of juridical dialogue, and Michael Walzer’s equity-based model of the public sphere. The author defends the thesis that only the latter model is prepared to face most important social challenges currently. The normative assumptions of that model imply the changes desirable from the perspective of social justice.

Keywords: contemporary democracies, public sphere, social justice, Jurgen Habermas, John Rawls, Bruce Ackerman, Michael Walzer.

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