Etyczne znaczenie koncepcji tożsamości narracyjnej a świadomość dziejowości

Wojciech Torzewski


The Ethical Meaning of the Concept of Narrative Identity and Consciousness of the Historicity


The text presents the problem of narrative identity with particular reference to its ethical significance. It refers to selected topics of Ricoeur’s thought. It is shown clearly by its example how the concept of narrative identity, first, is the response to the development of consciousness of the human historicity recognized from the side of hermeneutics, second, shows the importance of the ethical aspect in the understanding of oneself. The first point presents the development of the consciousness of the historicity by showing the possible meanings of the word Geschichtlichkeit (historicity), the second presents the ethical importance of the concept of narrative identity. Finally, the third point has the consequences of this concept drawn for the understanding of consciousness of the historicity.

Keywords: consciousness of the historicity, narrative identity, ethics, hermeneutics.

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