Co i jak badać? O rozterkach historyka dwudziestowiecznej filozofii niemieckiej

Iwona Alechnowicz-Skrzypek


What to Study and How to Conduct Research? The Dilemmas of Historians of the Twentieth-Century German Philosophy


This article deals with the question of the scope and methods of historical-philosophical research in a situation where the criterion for selection of the object of study are the researcher’s interests predilections. Using the example of my research, I show how my own predilection influenced its subject. I started paying attention to the history of philosophy at the prewar University of Wroclaw because I was searching for my own identity built around the place in which I lived. I took up the issue of the relationship between philosophy and psychology in the 20th century because I wanted to unravel the mystery of statements on experimental psychology in 1913 which I found in the documents at the Philosophical Department at University of Wroclaw. In both cases personal preferences positively influenced the research results.

Keywords: history of philosophy, philosophy, experimental psychology, prewar University of Wrocław.

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