O żalu i goryczy oskarżonego Jana Italosa

Magdalena Jaworska-Wołoszyn


Grief and Bitterness of the Accused John Italos


The aim of this paper is to provide information on John Italos and his stance on the 1082 trial that ended with an extremely unfavourable ruling, in which he was condemned for advocating theses that were incompatible with the Church doctrine. After the trial, Italos is said to have written a letter to the then Patriarch of Constantinople Eustratios, in which he openly stated his opinion and doubts about the past events and, above all, showed his lack of understanding of his situation when he was accused of heresy. The letter is an excellent starting point for discussion as it definitely casts a different light on the thinker, bearing the honorary title “Consul of the Philosophers” at the University of Constantinople, when compared to the opinions which are an important source of information on their author.

Keywords: John Italos, letter, Consul of the Philosophers, Eustratios Garidas.

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