Przypadek i prawdopodobieństwo a zagadnienie opatrzności Bożej w filozofii przypadku Michała Hellera

Dariusz Łukasiewicz


Chance and Probability, and the Question of Providence in Michał Heller’s Philosophy of Chance


The aim of the paper is to present the main assumptions of Michał Heller’s philosophy of chance. Next, the nature of divine providence in Heller’s metaphysics is considered. The key point of Heller’s metaphysics of God is the idea that chance is a part of divine Mind. The analysis of the argument for theological fatalism plays an important role in characterizing what type of control God has over the world of chance. It is asserted in the conclusion that Heller’s metaphysics of God and the world allows us to treat his conception of God and chance as an Anselmian version of divine providence.

Keywords: Michał Heller, chance, God, fatalism, providence.

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