Analiza typów bytowej niesamodzielności w ontologii Romana Ingardena

Katarzyna Barska


Analysis of Types of Existential Inseparateness in Roman Ingarden’s Ontology

In the paper, I present a reinterpretation of Ingarden’s theory of types of moments of existential inseparateness. I offer a detailed analysis of mutual relationships between the types of existential inseparateness and propose some new distinctions in this research area.
Particularly noteworthy are the formal and material types of existential inseparatness. I suggest distinguishing between strong and weak inseparateness, which eliminates some ambiguity in differentiating the types of inseparateness. I also present a new understanding of the relationship between relative and unilateral and multilateral inseparateness.

Keywords: Roman Ingarden, types of moments of existential inseparateness, relationship.

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