Design thinking jako metoda twórczości

Daniel Romuald Sobota, Piotr Szewczykowski


Design Thinking as a Creative Process Method

The purpose of the article was to present Design Thinking as a method for releasing, orienting and organizing the creative process. The imperative to be a creative and innovative person is one of the most important obligations since we live in the creative era. This is extremely important for individuals as well as for communities. Today's most valuable attributes of fulfilled life are solidified in creativity. At the beginning of the early modern period, “creativity” ceased to be a term reserved for God only: it started to be used in the context of artistic activity of human kind and later on it was used in the wider and wider spectrum of any human activity. Today we talk about creative process not only in the aspect of art, but also in science, technology and economy. The DT methodology presented in the article is the model example of releasing, intensifying and supporting creativity in almost any field of human life. In the foundation of the DT methodology, we can find a very interesting and inspiring entanglement of philosophical ideas: from the pragmatic vision of thinking as the creative experience, through the theory of empathy (Einfühlung), to the previously unknown idea of philosophy as the problem issues.

Keywords: design thinking, art, creativity, innovativeness, theory of problems.

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