Człowiek w perspektywie śmierci – twórca czy odkrywca siebie? Wybrane koncepcje polskich fiozofów XX wieku

Bożena Listkowska


A Human Being in a Death Perspective – Creator or Discoverer of Himself? Selected Concepts of Polish 20th-Century Philosophers

The aim of the article is to present at concepts of death from the point of view of a subject, i.e. a person directly concerned with death. The article is an attempt to answer the question about possible experience of one’s own death and its sense. The research is an analysis of these concepts of death which interpret death as experience of a human person, that is, of an ens able to exist after the breakdown of a psychophysical human unity.
In Polish 20th-century philosophy, there are several concepts of death as experience of a human person, introduced by Stanisław Judycki, Mieczysław Krąpiec and Józef Tischner, among others. The common trait of their viewpoints is paying attention to the role played by death in the formation of the subject’s relation to itself. In the concepts of Stanisław Judycki and Józef Tischner, this relationship could be referred to as “discovering oneself”, and as “creating oneself” or „constructing one’s personal self” in theconcept of Mieczysław Krąpiec.

Keywords: death, experience of death, person, human being.

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