Do czego potrzebna jest filozofia?

Adam Chmielewski


Adam Chmielewski

The Need for Philosophy

In response to the recent assaults on the philosophical education and research by the educational authorities in Poland, the author attempts to explain the nature and functions of philosophy. He argues that philosophical reflection enables one to work out the general outlook of the world and performs a number of other functions essential for both the academic and public life, such as explanatory, speculative, inspirational, interpretative, analytical, and critical ones. The author stresses in particular the interventionist function of philosophy, which justifies its involvement in the public life. Philosophy is thus a science, an art, and an action. It is also a profession and a vocation, and, by the virtue of its nature, it is both ubiquitous and omnipresent but also exclusive. In conclusion, the author critically assesses the condition of the philosophical education, as well as the status of philosophical investigations, which he perceives as the result of misguided decisions of the public authorities which brought about the marginalization of the humanities in Poland.

Keywords: the nature and functions of philosophy; the academic and public role of philosophy.

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