O potrzebie filozofii

Artur Szutta


The Need for Philosophy

The article aims to show the need for philosophy in a contemporary, democratic, culturally and economically developing society. It presents three arguments why governments and societies should care for the philosophical education of their citizens. According to the first argument, philosophy fosters such virtues as intellectual independence, tolerance, or civility, which are the basis of a civic society. According to the second one, the study of philosophy is the most effective way to learn creative and innovative thinking, which plays the central role in scientific and technological activities, absolutely crucial to the technological and economic development of contemporary societies. Thirdly, it is argued that philosophy gives human beings a unique chance to have a deeper understanding of their own existence as well as that of the world, and that doing philosophy is itself a part of a meaningful life. In the conclusion, it is also claimed that the rather poor reception of philosophy and its low esteem in our society are due to the fact that philosophers themselves do not pay sufficient attention or take efforts to popularize philosophy.

Keywords: philosophy, creativity, civic society, meaning of life.

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