Filozofowanie a prawda o człowieku

Marek Pepliński


Philosophizing and the True Knowledge of Human Being

The article presents the principles and method of classical philosophy. This kind of philosophy, developed mainly in ancient and medieval times, is still viable and interesting today. What is more important, it can be used as grounds for academic philosophy. Doing so provides a philosopher with resources for autonomy in her philosophical inquiry as well as the usefulness and application of its results for various cultural, social, and political tasks. The last part of the article explains the manner in which the principles of philosophy may be connected with different ways of classical philosopher’s concern the with knowledge of the human being understood as a special, unique being, with her transcendence behind her biological nature and human society. In the conclusion, several tasks for philosophical reflection are given. In all its parts, the article emphasizes the importance of the concept of philosophizing subject for the understanding of philosophy.

Keywords: classical conception of philosophy; academic philosophy; philosophy as a way of life; philosophical methods; autonomy of philosophy, usefulness of philosophy; sources of philosophical attitude.

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