Nauczanie filozofii w szkołach wyższych na kierunkach niefilozoficznych

Martyna Koszkało


The Role of the Philosophical Service Courses in Higher Education

The article discusses the role of the philosophical service courses in higher education. The education of philosophy contributes to the realization of many goals that should be fundamental to any institution of higher learning. Philosophical service courses offer the special kind of (1) knowledge, (2) habits and (3) social competencies. The kind of knowledge offered by philosophical courses is in some sense existential, concerns the essential problems, collaborates fruitfully with other disciplines and gives the opportunity of the interpretation of culture. By stimulating students to face fundamental questions about reality, knowledge, and value, philosophy helps them to transcend the boundaries of their own faculty. Philosophy can also improve such transferable skills as critical thinking, creativity, public speaking skills, clarity of expression, and logical reasoning.

Keywords: role of philosophy, knowledge, skills, social competencies, critical thinking, value.

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