Filozofia jako zadanie a punkt widzenia twórcy

Marek Kazimierz Siwiec


Marek Kazimierz Siwiec

Philosophy as Task and Vantage-Point of Creator

In the essay, the author raises several questions concerning the problem of the creator and creating. Moreover, to make visible the problem of the relation between philosophy and the vantage-point of the creator, a philosophic-aesthetical perspective is sketched. On the one hand, philosophy is regarded as being-on-the-way and a creative task. On the other hand, the vantage-point of the creator has bearing on the creator’s way and creative task. The author is especially interested in how this vantage-point of the creator helps to understand the task of philosophy and contributes to philosophic-aesthetical inquiries. He seeks to define the creator, their role, significance, and action. The author also envisages the fundamental dimension of the creator-problem. A reflection on how Nietzsche understood the creator and creating is undertaken, too.
The author defines the creator as the midwife of his very self. Thus, a creator is delivered and born anew out of an artifact he called into existence by himself. That is why the author says that the creator is “new-born.” The creator molds himself by the creative process being undertaken and continued, especially by the artifact that emerges and takes on some form.
In conclusion, the essential connection between the task and the philosophical thinking is pointed out. The task embodies the thinking characterized as both creative and dynamic. It turns us towards some new, yet unknown directions, horizons, problems, instruments, etc. Philosophy both enables us to better understand the character of the task which consists in awakening the inner man, and spurs us to its realization. Philosophy broadens the significance of the task by the understanding of the sources of philosophical thinking and creation, and, consequently, of the constitution of the sense.
A special appeal and weight of philosophy becomes visible in the creative character of task. The appeal to the as yet unsettled human destiny. The destiny which weighs on the scales of the philosophy, which makes the situation neatly and sharply perceptible.

Keywords: philosophy, creative task, destiny, Nietzsche.

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