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Daniel Roland Sobota


Towards the Poor Philosophy

The aim of this article is to answer the question: “What is philosophy?”. By putting this question and seeking for answers, the article follows the work of the Polish theater reformer Jerzy Grotowski, the author of the concept of the so-called “poor theater”. The article attempts to transfer this idea of theater to the field of philosophy. In this way, the idea of the poor philosophy arises, which answers the question what the philosophy is. Philosophy, or rather philosophizing, occurs in the situation in which the philosophical act (of the feast-philosophy), founded in the philosophical experience of love, adopts the structure of ritual liminal action. Its action, understood as radical and extreme “being questioned”, as ing play with historical possibilities, leads to and consolidates the habitual, unhampered vision of reality.

Keywords: poor philosophy, metaphilosophy, theater, J. Grotowski.

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