Od etyki solidarności do etyki egoizmu

Tadeusz Buksiński


Tadeusz Buksiński

From the Ethics of Solidarity to the Ethical Egoism

In this paper, the ethics of the first Solidarity is interpreted in terms of the struggle with alienation. Fighting basic forms of alienation was carried on by the program (and its realization) of a better work management, improvement of the material quality of citizens’ life, founding public spheres (including the political one) as functioning on positive values elaborated by modern theoreticians of liberty, tolerance, equality and justice, and creating a solidary national community. It was the axiological program of a new socio-political system. During the state of emergency, Solidarity’s leaders replaced the idea of creating solidarity system with the idea of liberalism. Solidarity’s ethics was replaced by the ethical egoism. This option was introduced after the fall of communism. Phenomena connected with alienation came back.

Keywords: alienation, ethics, liberalism, public sphere, Solidarity, justice.

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