Wpływ wartości świata konsumpcji na sferę publiczną

Joanna Mysona Byrska


Joanna Mysona Byrska

The Impact of the Values of the World of Consumption on the Public Sphere

In the world of consumption, material values prevail. The phenomenon of commercialization and marketization is encompassing more and more swathes of human life. The behavior of consuments concentrated on consumption is changing. The importance of the possessed is growing; the aims and objectives of the consuments’ life are changing. Consequently, the public sphere undergoes a change, too. Civic and pro-social attitudes wane giving way to the fun-engagement expected to be prolonged and pleasure-giving to the highest degree. The fun is the indicator of happiness, also. The more individuals become consuments and forget about civic attitudes, the more changes become visible in the public sphere.

Keywords: commercialization, public sphere, values, happiness, the world of consumption, the quality of life.

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