Dyskusja na temat globalnego społeczeństwa

Edyta Pietrzak


Edyta Pietrzak

The Discussion on the Global Civil Society

The aim of the article is to present the discussion on global civil society based on the coexistence of various theoretical perspectives. While there might be some doubt whether global civil society in empirical sense exists, there can be no doubt as to the discourses which address it. In western political thought, they have been functioning since the mid-nineties of the 20th century. In Poland, however, these issues have been treated marginally.
Global civil society fills in the public sphere, all the structures and actions which are situated where the state sphere, the private sphere and the economical sphere intersect. It materializes in collective actions, which aim, similarly as in the liberal interpretation, not at governing the state or gaining economic profit but at gaining influence on the authority and at monitoring it. Global civil society is also the effect of delegitimisation of the power of the state and the capital which have lost their credibility. In the latter case, it fills in the gap which emerged after the crisis of vertically oriented organizations of the industrial society. Global civil society is therefore moral in its character, it is a multidimensional, densely interconnected space which exists in social relations and dynamics. It is characterized by peaceful approach to, and orientation against, aggression and the lack of tolerance, and towards freedom, equality and solidarity, as well as by willingness to take the responsibility for the world inhabited.

Keywords: global civil society, western political thought, public sphere, state, capital, industrial society, Ernest Gellner, Anthony Giddens, Manuel Castells.

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