Ustanawianie wroga, jako czynnik kształtujący tożsamość zbiorową

Monika Mazur-Bubak


Monika Mazur-Bubak

Setting down an Enemy as a Factor Molding the Collective Identity

The definition of the concept of identity is a pivotal objective in the social discourse. The multiplicity of theories and concepts is the result of the fact that the proper identity differentiates man as an unique being. It is not given to man as something to be possessed, but rather it is to be checked and constructed. The identity is the process that each of us advances according to their own abilities and will. Therefore, the question of identity should be regarded with caution, as it is a major social issue. In the article, the author shows that theoretical approaches to understanding identity as presented cannot be considered without referring to social responsibility. The responsibility for the consequences of the identity being presented this or that way is meant. The aim of the article is to show the consequences of the identity established as opposed to the enemy. The second part shows the consequences of the identity being understood through the dichotomy: we – strangers, both in individual and collective terms. Finally, the author points to the negative effects of unconditioned acceptance of such an opposition.

Keywords: identity, society, Carl Schmitt, responsibility.

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