O eschatologicznych źródłach historiozofii. Perspektywa Karla Löwitha

Krystian Pawlaczyk


On Eschatological Roots of Historiosophy. Karl Löwith’s Perspective


The article characterizes Karl Löwith’s considerations on Western eschatology and its relation to secular historiosophical thought. By distinguishing two ways of time conceptualization (circular and linear), Löwith argues that European notion of history derives itself undercurrently from the heritage of Christian theology, in particular from its redemptive and apocalyptic hopes. On the other hand, Löwith underlines the differences between religious idea of history and laic historiosophy – the first one awaits the fulfillment of time which will be the end of the world; the second one tries to reveal the purpose of history and to realize it within the worldly time. The paper exposes how Löwith’s reflection on Western philosophy of history is linked with his skeptical view on modernity.

Keywords: philosophy of history, theology of history, eschatology, secularization, modernity, Karl Löwith.

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