Michała Psellosa własna i Platona obrona

Magdalena Jaworska-Wołoszyn


Michael Psellos’ own and Plato’s defence


Though Michael Psellos’ – one`s of the most prominent thinkers of Byzantium – interests exceeded the Aristotelian and Platonic doctrines, his noticeable preference to Plato’s teachings had a major impact on his fate. Not only did the fondness for Hellenes’ doctrine significantly contribute to undermining the position of the Byzantine thinker at the imperial court, but it even affected his relationships of a private nature. Indeed, Psellos met with the charges of paganism and placing Plato above Christ, brought by one of his closest friends, namely John Xiphilinos. However, being convinced that a real philosopher must be an expert at many disciplines, and being aware that some of Hellenic ideas can favorably contribute to Christian dogma, he undertook an eloquent polemic with his friend. He expresses his own position and defends ‘his’ Plato and himself against the attacks from all sides, in an extant letter to his friend.

Keywords: Michael Psellos, John Xiphilinos, Byzantium, letter, Plato, defense.

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