Zamknięcie koła epistemicznego Abnera Shimony’ego a problem czasu i obiektyzmu. Studium krytyczne

Damian Luty


Closing Abner Shimony’s Epistemic Circle and the Problem of Time and Objectism. A Critical Study


The first goal of the paper is to provide a reconstruction and critique of Abner Shimony’s project of Integral Epistemology (IE) and the concept of epistemic circle (and its closure) conceived within IE. The second goal involves applications of the latter to certain philosophical problems concerning the notion of the flow of time. I consider Steven Savitt’s strategy of rescuing the reality of the time-flow in which a specific closing the epistemic circle is being developed. I argue that closing the epistemic circle in the context of the metaphysics of time implies objectistic ontology (as understood by Nicholas Maxwell) and leads in the end to an ontological bifurcation on the side of physical ontology and paradoxical consequences on the side of the subject.

Keywords: epistemic circle, naturalism, metaphysics of time, objectism.

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