Dyskurs(y) religijne Czesława Miłosza

Zofia Zarębianka


Religious Discourse as Undertaken by Czesław Milosz


The essay attempts to reflect on the kind of religious discourse undertaken by Milosz in his poems over a long period of his creativity. It is therefore first of all about capturing the evolution of this discourse in time and tracing its dominant content-organizing as well as carrying out a possible typology in this regard. At first glance it might appear that Milosz’s creativity was characterized by the multiplicity of religious discourses, to which corresponds polyphony of this poetry. A diversification concerns the dimension of the formal as well as the issues in question and various confessional strata. Nevertheless – and here I see the originality factor – all of these discourses put up the coherent ideological whole, whose token is the primacy of the spiritual and metaphysical space of meanings built by the poetry.

Keywords: poetry, religion, theology, the Bible, Zen, mysticism.

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