Dzieło Kazimierza Świegockiego w świetle kategorii ‘osobowości twórczej’. Na przykładzie poematu ‘Morze utracone'

Robert Mielhorski


The Work of Kazimierz Świegocki in the light of the „Creative Personality” Category. The Example of the Poem Morze utracone

The text is an attempt to understand the lyric of Kazimierz Świegocki through the concept of the „creative personality” it includes (the term is used according to the definition proposed by Jan Józef Lipski and discussed as exemplified in the poem Morze utracone selected here) with the assumption that the issue of the “creative personality” strictly refers to the literature of the modern culture formation, getting a totally different image in postmodernity. After the initial “understanding” interpretation of the poem, the author discusses issues such as creative imagination (theme obsessions, sensual data, style, are presented: in this case it refers to the concept of the „solemnity”), the writer’s mentality reconstructed from his poetry, and the world view understood as the „style of thinking”.

Keywords: Kazimierz Świegocki; creative personality; creative imagination; style of thinking; writer’s mentality; postmodernity.

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