O założeniach fiozoficznych opatrzności kwantowej i jej niektórych konsekwencjach

Dariusz Łukasiewicz


Philosophical Assumptions of Quantum Providence and Some of Its Consequences

The article is dedicated to the problem of the divine action at the subatomic level of the world. The main idea of the paper is that the problem of divine action at the quantum level of the world should be considered in the close relation to the question why God created the universe through an evolutionary process. In the context of the latter question I consider hypothesis of interconnections formulated by Robin Collins, which says that the possible divine purpose in creating our universe through an evolutionary process was to connect human and non-human creatures into the whole. If we assume the latter hypothesis, we will find the answer to the question of the divine action at the subatomic level of the world. Still, such like divine activity is not consistent with Collins’ interconnection hypothesis regarding divine purposes of creation.

Keywords: God, evolution, interconnection, Collins, quantum mechanics.

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