Podmiot czy przedmiot? Józefa Tischnera i Mieczysława A. Krąpca spór o koncepcję człowieka

Bożena Listkowska


Subject or Object? Disputation between Józef Tischner and Mieczysław A. Krąpiec about the Conception of the Human Being

The disputation between Józef Tischner and Mieczysław A. Krąpiec was that between subjective and objective understanding of the human being, i.e. between the Cartesian tradition and the Thomistic one. In the Cartesian tradition, it is epistemology that is seized upon as a perspective of viewing the human being, whereas in the Thomistic one it is metaphysics. A characteristic of the disputation was regarding just one of these perspectives as appropriate. Consequently, it was an argument about exclusivity in the philosophical explication of the human being. This approach does not seem to be the right one. Both of these perspectives of the human being are needed. They enable us to regard the human being from the inside and outside. They do not exclude each other; to the contrary – they complete each other. It may be particularly interesting to employ them in considerations concerning human individuality and the way of experiencing it.

Keywords: Phenomenology, Thomism, philosophy of human being.

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