Naprzeciwko modela – w malarskiej pracowni Luciana Freuda (1922–2011)

Mateusz Soliński


In Front of the Model – in the Painting Studio of Lucian Freud (1922–2011)

In the most general outlines, the article brings to light the creative method of Lucian Freud; formal solutions and specifics of his workshop aiming at achieving, in the words of Paul Cézanne, the “painting complexity.” It also discusses the spatial relationships linking presented characters and objects and the manner of obtaining “information” by the artist; the nature of the interaction with the model, applied techniques and accessories used. At the same time it underlines the connection between the method of the British Artist, and a very bold and direct, painterly perception of the human form in his work. The theories found in Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s essays “Eye and Mind” and the aesthetic writings of Ernest Gombrich and John Ruskin (among others) have been used to present the workshop of Lucian Freud. In addition but for the same purpose, two creative methods, that of the British Artist himself and that of Paul Cézanne, were compared.

Keywords: Lucian Freud, creative method, model, workshop, image, space, background.

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