O naturalizacji procedur naukowych

Anna Brożek


On the concept of naturalization of scientific discipline

The article presents an analysis of the concept of naturalization of a scientific discipline. As the point of departure of this analysis, it is assumed that to naturalize a given discipline D means (a) to apply methodological procedures which are specific for natural sciences to resolve problems of discipline D or (b) to use theses of natural disciplines are explanations or tests in discipline D. According to the thesis presented in the article, the program of naturalization contains three elements: selection of problems, reduction of theories, and explication of terminology. The selection of problems consists in indicating these question of naturalized discipline which may be answered on the ground of natural sciences. The reduction of a theory consists in exchanging some theories of initial discipline with another theory which fulfills methodological standards to the higher degree. The explication of terms is a procedure of précising terms and its results may serve as semantic bridge laws in procedure of reduction.

Keywords: naturalization, explication, reduction, interdisciplinarity.

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