Co robi filozofia w humanistyce?

Krzysztof Abriszewski


What does theory do in humanities and social sciences

In the text I propose to rethink approach to theory in humanities and social sciences, and instead of viewing it in terms of its (correct) construction, start to ask questions like “what does theory do?”, “what are its actions and powers when it circulates in social reality?”. My proposal stems from a division from Science and Technology Studies (STS) between ready-made science and science in action, thus I call it “an STS switch”. In order to do this, I analyse a controversy from 2011 that started with Internet comment made by a blogger Lady Pasztet, about a postcolonial reading of a book Chwila przed zmierzchem from 1995. Using this controversy I show how a theory (orientalism in this case) works on different levels. I particularly stress the ability that theory offers to see differently, to perceive something else, and how a theory operates with our emotions. In conclusion, I offer additional interpretation, that views a theory not only as an epistemological factor, but also, as on ontological one, that is capable of transforming the collective world.

Keywords: theory, humanities, social sciences, orientalism, science in action, emotions.

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