Dylematy metodologiczne współczesnych badań nad techniką. Technonauka a ocena techniki

Tomasz Stępień


Methodological dilemmas in the contemporary research on technology. Technoscience and technology assessment

The spectacular development of science and technology belongs to the essential events in the last two decades and at the same time makes out the focus of the current research in the theory of technoscience and technology assessment, especially in the field of nanotechnology. This multilayered process of science and technology development indicates three major phenomena as the objective of the analyses: the fact of advancing technological convergence in the case of technoscience, the dilemma of temporality and control in the technology assessment procedures, and the predominant systemic approach. These three phenomena express also the basic methodological dilemmas of the current research devoted to the technology, especially by confronting with the evolution of technology assessment into technoscience assessment.

Keywords: technoscience, technology assessment, converging technologies, nanotechnology.

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