Koncepcja poszerzonej epistemologii a metodologia badań interakcji człowiek-robot.

Monika Małek-Orłowska


The concept of extended epistemology and the problem of methodology in HRI research

The paper addresses the problem of the HRI research methodology, with a special focus on interactions with humanoid robots. The author argues that the specificity of research on human-robot interactions demands methods that reach beyond traditionally conceptualized experiment, and employing practices used in various art forms, eg. drama, performance, social art events. The idea of extended epistemology has been developed from the claim that the propositional knowledge needs to be completed by embodied, based on emotions, situated knowledge. Such methodological approach may be also useful in HRI designing, their interpretation and evaluation.

Keywords: extended epistemology, human-robot interactions, research methodology, epistemology, methodological approach.

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