Zbywatele, prekariusze i praca w świecie konsumpcji

Joanna Mysona Byrska


Denizens, precariat and their work in the world of consumption

The work market in the world of consumption differs much from the previous one. New forms of work have appeared and the people doing it are classed as precariat. A precariat people have a limited rights as employees, they do not identify themselves with their work, their real life is somewhere else. Sometimes, although it is not an essential requirement, a precariat people are also denizens. A denizens is a citizen whose citizen’s rights for some reasons are limited. A classical denizen is an immigrant who cannot fully benefit from his political rights. Denizens and precariat people on one hand are a thread to the world of the consumption, as their number is still growing and soon they will be probably able to demand again all their rights. On the other hand the existence of the precariat and denizens seems to be an indispensable condition for the possibility of the profits’ gain of the beneficiaries of the world of consumption.

Keywords: denizens, precariat, work, world of consumption.

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