Krytyka stanowiska Hansa Jonasa w kwestii wszechmocy Boga

Ks. Józef Kożuchowski


Critique of Hans Jonas position on God’s omnipotence

In the paper, critical views of two acknowledged philosophers – Spaemann’s and Hermanni’s – are being presented which address Jonas`s concept of God`s almightiness. The approaches of these two scientists are outstanding for the insight and soundness of their analyses. Moreover, they present complementary (to each other also) responses to Jonas’s conception. It has been proved why they have been right in regarding that concept as erroneous, not bereft of the contradictory and reducing itself to an absurd. According to Jonas, Auschwitz’s Gehenna showed that it was powerlessness, not almightiness that was the main feature of God`s. God understood this way in no Master of history, which accounts for why He was being tacit facing a heinous evil inflicted upon innocent people in extermination camps. According to Jonas, the concept of almighty God is unacceptable for logical reasons too. It was self-contradictory. However, his arguments in favor of this opinion prove to be ungrounded and unacceptable both from the metaphysical and logical (Hermanni) and theodicial and existential (Spaemann) point of vantage.

Keywords: God, almightiness, German philosophy, Hans Jonas, Robert Spaemann, Friedrich Hermanni.

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