(Wszech)moc Boga w kontekście relacyjno-komunikacyjnej ontologii cudu

Adam Świeżyński


God’s (All)Mightiness in the Context of the Relational-Communication Ontology of Miraculous Event

The event known as the miracle is usually regarded as an expression of God’s omnipotence, which in any way could interfere in the material world, not counting its laws. In the definitions of the miracle, with which we can meet in the literature, it is emphasized that the miracle can speak only when the phenomenon occurs outside the order of nature, or is contrary to this order. The miracle as a supernatural event is considered to be exceeded not only the laws of natural science, but also the laws of nature. In this understood, the miracle is treated as a kind of “proof” of theology in favor of both the existence of God and God’s omnipotence. If, however, deprive the concept of a miracle characteristics related to its supernaturality and propose the concept of miracle as an event of natural course, and at the same time caused by God, does not necessarily mean the elimination of His omnipotence. The action of God and of man in the material world is a conditional operation of many factors. It is traditionally understood as one-sided action of God: God has a purpose for man and the world, and wanting to achieve it, simply enters the world and produces certain effects. In the light of relational-communicating ontology of miracle we would, however, change that perspective and realize that the effects of God’s actions in the world are the result of the interaction between Him all existing reality in which God is one of many factors and causes (although the cause of the most significant). Thus appearing miraculous events are the creative synthesis of the results of the activity of God, human and natural factors. In this perspective, human and divine action cannot therefore be construed neither as absolutely omnipotent (that is, not counting the effects of other factors) or as completely powerless. In this perspective, the miraculous events appear as natural-personal events, which are experiences that are both personal and communal. In fact they reflect the communal and individual openness of man to God, which allows the emergence of extraordinary and turning moments in human life.

Keywords: miracle; God’s omnipotence; God’s almightiness; self-restraint of God; personal relations.

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